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Do you have an Oriental rug? While it can do a lot to enhance your home, these kinds of rugs can also be challenging to maintain. If you’re interested in Oriental rug repair and restoration service in New Jersey, we’re here to help. We offer a wide range of services and can take excellent care of your rug.

Reasonable Rates

We strive to charge a fair rate for all of the services that we offer. While charges can vary based on the type of rug you have and the service that is being provided, we should be able to provide you with a price quote ahead of time.

Oriental rugs can be very valuable, which is why you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in our services. If you’re interested in having your rug repaired, but you have some concerns about what it would cost, contact us as soon as possible at (201) 479-0074. We’d be glad to answer your questions and tell you more about our pricing.

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Oriental Rug Experts

You won’t want to hand your rug over to a carpet cleaning company that doesn’t know much about Oriental rugs. These cleaners could actually damage your rug. Instead, you’ll want to work with experts that know a lot about Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, and other intricate rugs.

Because Oriental rugs are our specialty, you can count on us to do a great job with your rug. We have worked with many rugs, and we’ll use our expertise when we provide our services to you.

Rug Cleaning

It’s important to keep your rugs clean. However, if you have one that’s made from delicate materials, you may not want to clean it on your own. It’s important that you have yours cleaned by professionals with the right equipment to ensure it does not damage your rug. If it isn’t clean, it will be more difficult to determine what sort of repairs it needs.

Even if your rug is in excellent shape, it’s a good idea to have it cleaned by a professional from time to time. You can trust us to handle your rug. We’ll be able to clean it without causing any damage.

Rug Repair

Even if your rug has been badly damaged, we can provide the repairs that you need. Our expert weavers will work to repair any damage that has been caused. Oriental rugs are a work of art, and because of this, they can be difficult to repair. Thankfully, when you work with us, your rug will be in good hands.

We’ll take the time to assess the damage so that we can find the best way to repair it. We’ll determine whether your rug was made by hand or produced by a machine. When we’re finished, it will look like new again.

Rug Restoration

Even if your rug hasn’t suffered any serious damage, it might be showing signs of age. For example, if it was exposed to direct sunlight, it’s possible that it’s started to fade. If it has been kept in a room that sees a lot of foot traffic, it may be worn down.

We can restore your rug so that it looks pristine. If you have a beautiful rug that you’d like to keep using in your home, bring it over to us. We provide rug restoration services in New Jersey and specialize in Oriental rugs.

Service You Can Count On

Your rug may be an heirloom or one of your most cherished possessions. Because of this, you may be reluctant to turn it over to someone else. Luckily, you can trust us to treat yours with a great deal of care.

We know a great deal about Oriental rugs, and we take a lot of caution when we’re repairing or restoring rugs. We’ll listen to the requests you make and will ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the services that we provide.

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If you’re interested in Oriental rug repair and restoration service in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (201) 479-0074! We’ll work to make sure your rug stays in excellent condition. A beautiful rug can be a focal point in your home. Let us help you keep yours looking great for a long time.

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