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That beautiful Oriental rug you have is far more than your average fabric selected from a discounted sales rack. They are a symbol of prestige and opulence with a high aesthetic value that is sure to change the entire atmosphere of your room.

Oriental rugs come with a wide range of specific benefits that make your home a better place to be. In addition to their timeless appeal and unique styles, they also feature a softer touch and are more eco-friendly than most conventional rugs. Furthermore, their quality and beauty make them a symbol of status that can be passed to the next generation.

Of course, if you have acquired such a priceless possession, you will want to ensure that it is treated with the utmost care and professional cleaning.

Oriental Rug & Carpet Steam Cleaning

Oriental rugs can’t be cleaned like an ordinary mass-produced carpet. For this reason, we recommend a plan for preservation that supports regular home cleaning with professional steam cleaning services. A steam cleaner has a better chance of reaching deep and pulling out the contaminants that can lead to an earlier degeneration.

Steam cleaning will also remove the residue from smoking, cooking fumes and pet sheddings that can begin to detract from the freshness of your fabrics and make the entire home smell funky.

The good news is that oriental rugs are highly resistant to bad smells and even staining. However, to maintain this resilience to wear and tear, they must be kept clean and hygienic as well as protected from certain kinds of damage.

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Keeping Your Oriental Rug & Carpet in Perfect Conditions

It is quite possible to keep your oriental rug looking good and feeling soft for years to come, but this will require extra love and care.

At home, you can support your regular vacuuming with spot cleaning as needed. Make sure to keep the rug out of the sunlight as much as possible and flip it around regularly so that the traffic damage is evenly spread out.

You can also change the traffic pathways by moving furniture around or resituating the carpet in relation to doors and walkways. Padding below the carpet will further protect the delicate fibers and you will greatly benefit from a strategically placed floor rug that can protect the carpet in highly trafficked areas.

This alone will do a lot to keep your carpet clean and protected. But, as you may imagine, there is no way to stop the constant shower of fine dust, pet dander, soil, and all manner of biological contaminants from mold spores to skin sheddings that will begin to become deeply lodged inside the fabrics.

As time goes on, these contaminants will accumulate in larger quantities and begin damaging the Oriental rug on a smaller scale. This accumulation of pollutants will also absorb liquids and grease better and can make your oriental rug appear dingy and lack-luster, it will also be more susceptible to staining in this condition.

The solution to restoring your Oriental rug to its original splendor is a regular steam cleaning. For those rugs and carpets that see high amounts of traffic, this should be done every 2 to 3 months, but those with medium to light traffic may only need a steam cleaning once or twice a year.

Our Cleaning Process

At Oriental Rug Cleaning New Jersey. we feel very passionate about Oriental rugs and carpets and enjoy a sense of accomplishment in restoring these fine fabrics with our specialized cleaning and preservation methods. Here are some of the most important elements of our Oriental rug & carpet steam cleaning service that you should know about.

Deep Cleaning
Also called deep cleaning, our steam cleaning methods reach the carpets on the deepest levels to remove over 90% of the contaminates held within. Did you know that a carpet can hold up to four times its weight in pollutants and contaminants? That’s gross!
Remove Dirt and Allergens From Rugs
A steam cleaner uses high-pressure steam to blast the fibers free of these pollutants without causing any damage to your carpet. The steam and pollutants are then lifted from the rug with a powerful vacuum system. The result is a carpet restored to its original state without the harmful contaminants, toxins, and pathogens that can impact your life.
Protect Your Rug
Deep cleaning your rug involves removing all the contaminants that can lead to its damage. In the long run, regular cleaning greatly enhances the longevity and beauty of your oriental rug.
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