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Here on our home page, you will find information on all of our services and the benefits of working with us. We do rug cleaning and oriental rugs are our specialty. 

There are a lot of benefits that come from working with a company like ours. Read on and you’re sure to find out why we’re among the best in the business.

Don't Do Cleaning Work Yourself

When there is a problem with your oriental rug, such as spilling something on it, don’t try to take on the problem yourself. You may end up making the issue worse, so just call us right away at (201) 479-0074 and we’ll come to take care of it for you. 

There’s no need to try to do something you’re not trained to do because that’s how you make mistakes that will cost more to get fixed.

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We Are Not Amateurs

We only hire professionals to perform oriental rug cleaning work and then some. When we hire people we make sure they have the right training so they can take care of all rugs with no issues. 

You’ll find that when you work with us, your rug will look like new when we’re done.If you want to know just how happy people have been with our services, just look us up online. 

There are a lot of pleased customers that have left positive reviews because we make sure to make all of our customers as happy as possible.

Ask Us Anything You Need To Know

Before you work with us, you can call us up to ask us anything you need to know. If you have any questions, we have staff on hand that is ready to help you.

Don’t know if your rug type is something we can help with? Call us, tell us what you have, and we’ll let you know what your options are going to be.

Generally, we can do work on many types of rugs. Just let us know what happened or if you just need regular cleaning and we’ll be sure to hook you up with the right services.

More On What We Can Do For You

When we do our work, we make sure that the rug looks like it did the very first day you bought it. We make sure to use the latest technology to do our cleaning that will not damage any of the rugs we work on. 

Our goal is to leave you amazed at the quality of the cleaning that we do. When you see how much better a rug looks after we work on it, you’ll know you picked the right service to work with. 

We’ll do everything we can to make sure the service we offer you is one that you’re sure to tell your friends about.

The prices we charge are fair because we’ve done a lot of research on what we should charge our customers. We want to make sure that you’re not paying too much because that’s not fair to you and that can lose us customers that would have otherwise been interested. 

Try contacting us and we’ll tell you what it will roughly cost to do the work for you to get your rug cleaned up well. Just don’t delay because the longer you let a problem stick around, the worse it is likely to get.

Contact Us Today!

If you want to learn about what we can do for you, we recommend that you contact us at (201) 479-0074. You should contact us as soon as you know you need help so you can get back to enjoying your rug again.

Rugs can get damaged over time and if they are not cleaned properly they will not last. If you like your oriental rug and want to know that it will be well taken care of, just give us a call right away!

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